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Friday, January 30, 2009

Questions of the Week #46

1. Where do you keep your Pot of Gold?

2. Do you get annoyed by people who are really proud of who they are?
If they have nothing to be proud of. Like being proud of something so shallow -being rich when you obviously got it from your parents and not from hard work, handsome, popular, famous etc.

3. How often growing up did you hear your parents say “I love you”?
Almost everyday. My mom is a great show off when it comes to feelings :D

4. Here comes TROUBLE! What do you see?
Storm and blackouts. I dread them every year. This would mean we’ll have to stay in a hotel and throw money. We can’t sleep without electricity.

5. What is your most prized possession?
Sandy and The Husband of course. Next would be my Dell Studio because all my work and photos are there.

6. What nickname/s did you hate the most in your childhood?
Matutina. It was the name of an actress who has this very annoying voice. They called me that because of how I talk, which is always on the top of my lungs.

7. What haven’t you done in a long time?
Swim on a beach and exercise.

8. What do you enjoy doing? Aside from blogging because we all know we love to blog.
Shopping, planning for a trip and drawing. In that order :D

9. When you’re reading, do you sometime have to reread a section because your mind wandered?
If the book sucks yes.

10. Have things broken in your life recently?
None that I know of.


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