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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too Sexy

You Are Sexy!
You're hot, and everyone knows it. How could anyone who looks at you not know it?
You're physically attractive, no doubt. You're also quite smooth, witty, and charming.

You know how to flirt, and you enjoy all of the attention that you get.
You take care to look your best, but most of your sexiness comes from your confident attitude!
Saw this from Thea and couldn't help but snag it. :) I'm not exactly sure if the results are correct though. It could be that I was choosing the answers that I want to do. One thing's for sure, when someone has a crush on me, they forget about it the minute I open my mouth LOL.


Jes said...

yey!!! sexy...i clicked this also when i saw yours eh....heheheh =)
i have aaward for yah!

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