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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Five Things

Snagged from Alpha

1) List Five things.
List five kind things you do for yourself.
List five kind things you for your closest friend, partner or child.
List five kind things you have done for a stranger.

2) Tag five people.

5 Kind Things I Do For Myself.
1. I drink coffee a lot to keep me awake
2. I watch Coffee Prince any chance I get to relieve stress
3. I try to watch what I eat (sometimes)
4. I keep myself updated with the latest design technologies
5. I try to be happy and positive all the time

5 Kind Things I Do For Closest Friend.
1. Let them talk nonstop about their worries
2. If they need anything that I can give, I give it to them (free design, music, photo, scrapbook LO)
3. Go to their parties and gatherings especially when someone needed a pick-me-up badly
4. When they need advice, I give it to them whether it's not the one that they want to hear
5. Make them feel good about themselves if needed

5 Kind Things I Have Done For A Stranger.
1. Give extra food or drink
2. Give money for fare
3. Let someone go in line first because they are in a hurry
4. Smile a "i-know-what-you're-going-through" smile at a mom who I can see is about to break down after dealing with her toddler's tantrum in public
5. Help a foreigner with directions including the best places to go because he seem to be lost and too shy to ask.


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