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Sunday, March 09, 2008


She's going to school!

Well. Not really. We're enrolling our little girl to a summer school to test if she's ready. Or a better explanation would be if I'm ready to let go of her LOL. The schedule is from 10AM to 12PM and will be on a daily basis. Nannies and parents are allowed to stay outside the room but they prefer if the kids will not see us. They said that kids tend to get more paranoid and clingy if they know that their mommy is just hovering outside the door. Haha, I know I would!

I really hope Sandy's ready and that she will have fun in school. At least this will be me 2 hours of free time a day so I can concentrate at work. She has been so bored lately that she hates seeing me in front of the computer.

We took her photo for her 1x1 ID.