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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things to buy

I wish we have directbuy here so I can get all our furniture there. I'm going crazy computing everyday but I have no idea how we can manage to save enough money to be able to buy all that we need in five months. I don't want to touch our savings and whatever we have in the bank so I'm trying to start a new savings just for furniture. The Husband said we should just buy the most important stuff like beds, refrigerator, aircon, TV but I can't help but think about carpets, window treatments, lighting, etc, etc. You can blame it on my frustration of becoming an interior designer LOL.


new zealand tourism said...

I actually saved a fortune going to second hand type stores and getting furniture. Then I sanded, painted, and redid each piece to fit the room it was going into. This worked out real well for my kids' rooms.