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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ready for the big bed?

We've been co-sleeping since Sandy was born. Now, at 30 months old, I am almost sure that Sandy is ready to move to her own bed. It's just The Husband and me who are having trouble letting her go. We have been checking out at toddler beds similar to the ones being sold at this baby furniture website. They looked so cute but I doubt if Sandy can use it for long. She's getting taller each day that I'm thinking if it's more practical to buy her a real bed and just put it on the floor. Well, I guess we can try a nice mattress for now to see if she's really ready. I'm hoping that this will lessen her nursing at night too and that she can sleep longer. As for me, I think it will take a lot of getting used to before I stop myself from checking on her every 10 minutes.