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Friday, March 28, 2008

Summer Activities for Toddlers

Found this on a yahoogroup and thought you might be interested.



ART LAB (Tuesdays 4-6yrs 10-12pm / 6-8yrs: 1-3pm)
Art and science are key elements for understanding the world around us and the two are intimately related. Learn by hands-on participation: watch it, find it, hold it, build it. Once students internalize science through hands-on exploration, the concepts will resonate through out their everyday lives. Study the science of a sunset, and then do a pastel of the sunset. Look at a Leonardo da Vinci invention, and then draw your own similar invention idea. The idea is to combine science facts and art projects to delight the children. Geared to the visual or kinesthetic learners. Guaranteed fun!

ART STUDIO (Thursdays 4-6yrs 10-12pm / 6-8yrs: 1-3pm)
A Journey Through Artists Eyes: An exploration of different works of art by famous artists from the impressionists (Claude Monet) to the surrealists (Salvador Dali) to modern artists like Alexander Calder. Student will create their own artwork (collage, paint, color, rubbings, plant drawings, sculpture, still life drawing, block printing, wire & clay sculpture, and more) based on the artist’s artwork they view.

LITTLE TREKKERS (Saturdays 2-4yrs old 10am-12nn)
This developmentally-appropriate art program is designed to let your child experience the joys of artistic play using paint, clay, shapes, colors, textures and more! Every session, new projects will be introduced for children to provide a multi-sensory experience
that builds a foundation for creativity and an appreciation of beauty. This program will emphasize on hands-on, experiential activities; and will incorporate music, art, rhyming, games and other activities to heighten interest and reinforce skill building and comprehension.

CREATIVE KITCHEN (5-8yrs old & 9-13yrs old, 1hr, once a week)
Imagine, Invent, Explore! This is a way for kids to cook up unique and ingenious ideas with exciting activities that will bring out and hone their creativity. This is where we challenge kids to think out of the box, see beyond and wonder “what if?”. Because with a little imagination and skill, kids have the recipe for great songs, stories and many more!

KIDS CLICK (5-8 years old , 2 hour sessions)
Take awesome portraits! Create crazy U.F.O. photos! Make cool photo essays! This is a chance for kids to have fun while understanding the basic functions and techniques of digital photography. Kids will learn to be in control of the camera, develop the speed and alertness for photography and most of all be creative with what they see through the lens. Each kid must bring their own point and shoot digital camera.

SHARP SHOOTERS (9-13 years old, 2 hour sessions)
Be the master of moments. The captain of composition. The leader of light and shade. This is for kids who want to go beyond just taking pictures to taking awesome, rockin’ and imaginative pictures. Through these sessions we aim to bring out each kid’s style and
personality, to give them a way to express themselves and show the world their point of view.Each kid must bring their own point and shoot digital camera.

BOUNCY BEATS (ages 1-2) / 1 hr, once a week
Share a delightful musical experience with your kid as they discover the wonderful world of beats, rhythms and melodies! Bond with your child as you listen to song tales, sing nursery rhymes and play simple musical instruments. Be in harmony with your baby as he/she begins his/her musical journey.

TINY TUNES (ages 3-5) / 1 hr, once a week
Sing out loud! Dance away! Play, play, play!This is the time for kids to express themselves freely though music. Here they can explore musical concepts such as tempo, melody and harmony while learning traditional songs, creative movement, musical instruments and

CONCERT KIDS (ages 6-8) / 1 hr, once a week
Be an all around music maker! Learn to create music with others through instrument playing, learn to make your own musical instruments and be the star of musical storytelling! This is where kids get to develop their skills in listening, appreciating and recognizing musical concepts! Plus lots of fun songs, dances and creative movement activities to experience!

JUNIOR JAM (ages 9-13) / 1 ½ hrs, twice a week
Be part of a one-of-a-kind ensemble! Create and improvise music through song, dance and instrument playing! Learn to read, compose and perform music like a pro! Get to play cool percussion instruments, improvised instruments and even instruments you made
yourselves! Travel the world through music legends and genres. Discover the harmony that music, teamwork and whole lot of fun can make!

CLASSIC GUITAR for Beginners (ages 9 and up) / 1 hr, once a week, individual lessons. Discover the music of the masters. Learn to read musical notation and perform classical music through guitar plucking techniques. Rule the art of classical guitar and keep timeless pieces playing! Requirement: students should bring their own nylon-stringed guitar

ACOUSTIC GUITAR for Beginners (ages 9 and up) / 1 hr, once a week, individual lessons. Learn the basic guitar chords of your favorite rock songs and pop hits! Master those strumming techniques and get ready for stardom! Requirement: students should bring their own nylon-stringed guitar

PLAYDATES/THEMED PARTIES FOR SMALL GROUPS OF 10kids (SATURDAY 2-4PM) Themes per Saturday to be announced by 1st week of April.

(All programs above are taught and facilitated by either a Fine Arts, Music or Art Education graduate from UP)


Feel free to forward to everyone you know especially those who live in, around, and near Malate, Manila. We look forward to A ONE-OF-A-KIND Summer ARTventure with you!!!

DISCOUNTS given to TWO OR MORE programs taken per child or for 2 or more siblings.
Want to mix & match different PlayShops?
Ask us to help you create your child's fun 8-session combo-program today!
Choose a progressive 8-session program or pick from available stand-alone programs.
Creative Journey Begins April 7, 2008 - Ends May 30, 2008 (TBD)

Email us TODAY @ to reserve your slot with the following info:


Try it out mommies! I personally like to enroll Sandy in a ballet class or ice skating next year. How exciting it would be to see her prancing around in tights or gliding on ice wearing her cute skate shoes.


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This program will emphasize on hands-on, experiential activities; and will incorporate music, art, rhyming, games and other activities to heighten interest and reinforce skill building and comprehension.

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