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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All Handmade

I just love Wendy Culpeppers' handcrafted jewelry. Aside from the fact that they're affordable, the designs are very chic and fashionable that you can wear it on almost any occasions. I read that her jewelries have been worn by famous celebrities like Rachael Ray, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and many more. The ones from sterling silver collection are my fave especially the Drop necklace and earrings. The Akasha sterling silver necklace is also very nice and would you believe, costs only $85? It's a great gift for mothers and long time girlfriends. Not only to show how much you love them, but also to share your good fashion taste.


Petite said...

I love wearing jewelries too. This one looks interesting. I will check the site to see of there is something I can buy.

See yah!

Rosetta Stone said...

These are pure handiwork, very delicate, very interesting