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Friday, May 30, 2008

What a tiring weekend

As always. We're officially mallrats - The Husband, Sandy and me. We spend all our weekends hanging out at the mall even if we don't have anything that we need to buy. On Sundays we go to the grocery store but without taking a "short" trip to the department stores just to browse through shops. It's an expensive hobby, I tell you. We buy small trinkets and cheap items just because they're cut that by the time we get home, we're five thousand pesos poorer. Just like what my friend says, if you calculate the money that we spend weekly, it'd be enough for a two-night stay on any luxurious vegas hotels. But as much as we love to visit parks, there isn't any near our place. Add to my long list of reasons why we prefer the mall is the scorching heat or on and off rain showers. So we don't really have a choice. Staying at home is not an option anymore because Sandy and I spend our days cooped up inside so a trip to anywhere is considered a happy day.


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