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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mayer Lover

John Mayer is definitely using his rockstar status to meet hot women.

There's Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Carlton and who knows who.

I'm just shocked that he pursued J. Anniston and vice versa. Are they even moving in the same cirle? Not that I'd know anything about that LOL. Still. Isn't Anniston older than him? Oh well, at least he hasn't gone out with anyone who came from drug rehab. Well, not YET anyway.

I still love JM's music, fyi. I'm happy to note that it doesn't get affected by the fact that he's starting to turn into a womanizer or that he's getting more pop-ish each day.

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Chizmosa said...

I love John Mayer's music.. the onlye bad thing is that he is a play boy. He seems want to date anyone else in the Hollywood.

Vannie said...

ako lang yata may gusto kay J.Aniston! ahihihi

John Mayer is OK but still - dating sila? parang di bagay,like Mariah and Nick Canon!

tagged u pala

Coriander Dreams said...

I used to have a huge huge crush on him (John-close kami) pa naman nun nag concert sha dito!

Its a bit disappointing, naging ganyan lang sha after I broke up with him e...Hay hay :D