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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye Chloesters

The weekend was pretty hectic. There were moving boxes everywhere because my brother-in-law and his family are moving out of the house. I feel a bit sad because Sandy won't be able to play with her cousin and only playmate, Chloe. Their house is in Cainta, about 1 to two hours drive if it's traffic so a playdate every other day might be impossible. My sister-in-law promised that they will sleep over every Friday so Sandy will still see tons of her cousin. I feel bad to see my sister-in-law go because she has been a great in-law and friend to me. You know I rarely have someone to talk to because I work from home and having another woman just across the hallway is a great help if you need to talk about baby and girly stuff. Anyway, I hope we can keep our promise that we'd keep in touch weekly so Chloe and Sandy will still grow up together.


Polina said...

It is great you have a sister in-law that you can talk to and be friends with. I have somehow missed the right moment to become real friends with my own sister and don't know if it is recoverable...

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