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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

These are my favorite moments. Just a quiet afternoon with my little girl, with the sunlight giving the room a soft glow. She's doing her thing while I wonder how she does the simplest things - her chubby arms flapping like wings, small fingers grasping a toy, eyes looking at you when you're away, a big voice coming from that tiny mouth, unexpected kisses, and many more.


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I dont like the mothers day any more. I think every day is should be mothers day.

HostV said...

Its necessary, I think its must have be, cause now a day we dont give enough time to our mother but also father too. so we need a spacial day for them.

Cirtex said...

In this year I give a special mug to my mother as a mothers day gift. After getting the gift she was very happy.

Odzyskiwanie utraconych danych said...

Oi, you got me scared there for a while, I almost thought I missed the Mother's day. Fortunately here in Poland it's on the 26th..
I was thinking about a perfect gift for her but unfortunately I'm unable to get her the peace and serenity she seeks, so this year once again, it will be a mug ;)

women said...

Mothers Day is a special day for honoring Mothers through out the world. The Mother's Day holds great significance for all of us. As usual, the Mothers Day 2008 will be celebrated on May 11th, 2008 in the U. S.