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Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Thoughts

A tag that I snagged from Mrs. Working Girl.

List down 10 things that made me happy or grateful recently.

1. The little girl going to the bathroom on her own whenever she needs to pee
2. The little girl asking for a magazine everytime she needs to do number 2 LOL
3. A surprise box of doughnuts from the Husband
4. A nice dinner with close friends at Serendra
5. A pat-on-the-back type of email from my boss
6. A very healthy family, no sickness
7. Shopping every weekend
8. Eating delicious meals every night thanks to our wonderful helper


meeya said...

hi joy, thanks for snagging the tag. iba talaga ang feeling when we're made to count our blessings. :)

kulang pa ng dalawa, or are you saving those for later? :)

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