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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

School Day

The little girl started school today.

She was very talkative inside the classroom and wouldn't listen to her teachers. Since I was inside the classroom, she thinks it's okay to roam around and come to me every now and then. Whenever she hears something funny, she'll look at me and say, "mommy! hahahah that's so funny!!". What I do is pretend that I'm not there but it's so hard especially if you see her acting like a big girl. You can't help but clap and smile when she answers the questions correctly or if she does a nice twirl while they were dancing. Anyway, today is the only time we're allowed inside the classroom. Tomorrow will be different and I'm more nervous than Sandy because this is going to be the first time ever that we'd be separated for two hours.


baby advice said...

That is a big day for you both! Congratulations! Know she will do fine, because you have raised her well.

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