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Friday, April 18, 2008


I want to upgrade our bathroom faucets, especially the ones on the bathtub. Sandy loves using her Lola's shower, the one that you put on the faucet directly. Our current faucet has a wide mouth so nothing will fit. She hates real showers, by the way. She probably remembers the first time she had one in my mother's house. The water was so cold and we didn't have tabo (dipper) so there was no choice but to turn on the shower. She shouted and kept on crying until we we're done taking a bath. Up to this moment, she hates them, even the nice hotel showers. Well, everything except the one in my mom-in-law's bathroom. Sometimes, when she's not in the mood to take a bath, I'll just say, "want to see the rain in Lola's room?" and she will agree immediately.


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