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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kids and Jewelries

I was looking at The Husband's baby photos and saw how he used to wear a necklace and bracelet on some of his pictures. As an adult, he's not crazy about men's jewelry so when I showed him the photos, he laughed and told me he was too young to know any better. And he probably didn't have any choice back then. My mother-in-law loves jewelry so a lot so it must be her doing. When Sandy was only about three months old, my mom-in-law already gave her a gold bracelet with diamonds. Up to this day, she never fails to tell me how unfortunate that Sandy have no piercing because she would have bought her diamond studs. Well, The Husband is to blame. He didn’t want to pierce Sandy’s ears because he believes that it’s her body so she should be the one to decide what she wants to do with it. I doubt if he’d feel the same way if Sandy’s 16 year old version will decide to pierce her eyebrows and tongue LOL.


Yog said...

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Kristian Liebrand said...

Its useless for kids to have expensive jewellery because as kids are not so careful, they may loose it.I guess some funky artificial stuff can work.