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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


My mom is talking nonstop about home insurance ever since she attended a seminar about it. As much as I love her, sometimes I just pretend that I'm listening to the importance of it all when what I'm really doing is read my ebook LOL. She's a real estate agent and need to attend these kinds of functions from time to time. Everytime she just came from a new seminar, she'll make sure to tell me all about it, in detail. From the bulleted topics, the venue, even the food and drinks. Most of the time, I love to see her all psyched up but if I'm busy, I just make sure to nod my head every 10 minutes. :)


Adam Hyman said...

Home insurance is really important and cheap as well.

Lots of people lost houses in San Diego recently because of the fires.

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