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Monday, October 06, 2008

Things to do Today

Such a long list but I'll just narrow it down to the most important.

1. Go to the bank and open another savings account. I need to set aside money for Sandy's educational plan this year. I've decided to continue with it now that the dollar is going up again.

2. Talk to our agent about our bond fund. I'm also interested to learn more about futures trading so we might discuss that too.

3. Have conference call with a client. They don't want to write down their design requirements because they are having trouble explaining what they need.

4. Organize our hallway. Now this, can either be exciting or stressful.

5. Research where I can find cheap laptop batteries and memory. I've decided not to buy a new laptop yet. My current laptop is still good, I really just need to invest on new batteries. Last time I checked, it costs $200. Yikes.


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