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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our Poor Wallets

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone I know is into shopping mode. In fact, I've spent more than $500 already on gifts for favorite friends and close family members alone. Thank God for online coupons or I would've been bankrupt by now.

I bought plenty of gifts for the two most favorite people in my life so I don't mind spending. It's so much cheaper on what I originally planned too. I wanted to treat the family on a one week vacation in Palawan, just in time for my husband's birthday. I saw this cash advance online and thought of trying it out because I won't get my sideline earnings until January. But at the last minute, I've decided against it. We already spent a lot of money last month (Sandy's birthday parties and hospitalization) and we're booked to go to Boracay this November. Having another beach trip on December might be too redundant. Besides, we can always go early next year as soon as I get my payments from my previous projects.


Rosetta Stone said...

May be a good gift for the selection of a lot of money to spend