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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Want Some Egg Nog?

Out of the blue, The Husband said he wanted to have egg nog on our Christmas dinner. He has been watching cooking shows a lot and I guess he got excited to make one on his own. I can't blame him, the picture below looks very yummy! I've only tried this once and couldn't forget the mix of rum, milk and whipped cream in my mouth. Knowing The Husband, I bet he'd modify any of the egg nog recipes that I searched online to prove that he's good with flavor. I can't complain because I'm only here to eat. My kitchen skills are close to none.


vishnu @ beautiful minds said...

that pic looks cool... but what abt the taste of eggnog?

surveillance cameras said...

It does look good! My daughter and I love to cook and our recent kick has been getting cooking DVDs from Netflix and making the recipes on those. They are pretty fun and we get some good ones. Just no EggNog yet.

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Did you add some cream in it?It looks yummy!!

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