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Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Monthly Activity

Sandy's school is having a special activity to benefit unfortunate kids. It's going to be a kid's garage sale wherein the students will sell their old but still good quality stuff to homeowners around the school. The money that they raise will then be donated to the poor. Most parents will contribute to the affair and since I'm the one with design experience, I'll be designing table top display, banners, pamphlets advertising the bazaar. I didn't know at first what a table top display look like so I checked a website doing trade show exhibits to see samples of table covers.

Anyway, the kids are really excited about it. There will be games and food, which were assigned to other parents. This garage sale would be like hitting two birds in one stone for us. We’d get to help the poor and we can let go of all our old stuff too, including Sandy’s toys, old clothes, shoes and books.


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it is always good to design such stuff for the kids but interest comes when you go on to teach your kid to do the same all by herself..

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