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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sandy The Big Girl

I am thankful for the freedom and short ME time that I get whenever Sandy goes to school. However, at moments like this, I can't help but want to see her immediately so I can give her a big hug.

Instead of working like I'm supposed to, I spend time browsing through her old photos and marvel on how quick she's grown. She talks non-stop these days, telling stories from the time she woke up until we go to sleep. It's hard to keep up with her, but we do what we can even if we can't keep our eyes open anymore. At least now, she can sleep on her own. As soon as we're done telling each other stories (usually lasts for an hour or more), she'll go straight to her bed and try her best to sleep.


Bouncer said...

this does happen

kids behave sooo cute sometimes that you just cannot resist them..

what to do...they are soo much adorable :)

abie said...

naku sis ako din tuwing papasok ako, miss na miss ko si bela...tapos tinitignan ko na lang mga pictures nya sa CP ko...

jody said...

buhay pa pala ito! hahaha, now lang ako ulit nakabisita sa blog na ito ah.

apple said...

kaka-miss talaga sila noh. parang ayaw mo nang iwan.
sagabal lang talaga ang work eh, hehe.

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