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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Help find a missing child

Be on the lookout for this missing child. I just have an idea how the mother feels and I'd die if something like this happens to me.

Name: Matthew” Chu-chu” David Samudio
Age: 3 Years Old, Can barely speak straight.
Address: 16 guyabano st umali rd. summitville subdivision putatan muntinlupa city 1770

He was last seen at Tom’s World Arcade in Festival Mall Alabang, around
8pm yesterday July 22, 2008 wearing Green Checkered Polo, Maong pants
and Green Mr. Bean Slippers.

When we reviewed the surveillance
camera in said mall, there was this chubby impoverished looking girl
around 12-13 years old wearing a dirtied pink top with floral design
and a reddish jogging pants who summoned my nephew and then whispered
something to him, then my pamangkin who is very “bibo” readily took her
hand as they went out of the said premises.

Guys, I need your
help with this, if you know people in the media, police or government
agency who might be able to HELP us locate my nephew, I’m begging you,
please, please help us. Or at the very least, please pass this message
to as many people as possible, who knows where the abductors might have
taken him… Matthew is a very sickly kid, he rarely eats unless his
yaya feeds him and he was about to have an operation for fluid in his
right testis.

If there are any news or lead that can locate my
nephew, please help us… Sobrang kawawa ang pamangkin ko, who knows
how they are treating him…I dont want this thing happening to any kid
so please help my nephew. PLEASE. You can contact my brother at

Thank you so much and God Bless you!


Keith Gill said...

Its very awsome to loose a child. And I do agree with you, every one should have little courtesy towards the child and must help the parents find their kid.

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thea said...

uy napanood ko to. buti na lang nahanap na.