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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shopping for Babies

I'm helping a pregnant friend shop for baby items online. When she asked me last month if I can tell her what to buy, I got really excited. I never pass any chance to shop and what more if it's for babies. I consider myself an expert when it comes to baby cribs and high chairs because I've been there already. And before I buy anything, I spend weeks researching online on which brands are safe, comfortable and cheap. I want to make sure that I'm getting my money's worth because baby furniture can get really expensive. And you don't want to settle for something cheap but low quality because we're talking about the baby's safety here.

Anyway, one of the sites that we visited is They have a wide selection of baby items including furniture, mobiles, travel cots, car seats, toys, bouncers, even shoes. I told her that although wooden cribs will look better in the nursery, I don't recommend buying one if you're planning to co-sleep. Also, they don't have a lot of room so it's best if they just buy the necessities like breast pump, bottles and sterilizers. We did get a travel cot though because they always travel to their parent's houses every weekend. And my friend doesn't know but I bought a pink bed rail for her future princess. Since they are going to co-sleep, she can place the baby at the other end of the bed (so her husband won't squash the baby!) without worrying that she might fall. I then told another friend to buy her the mobile in this post so we can surprise her on her baby shower. :)


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Hey, thats very nice from you dear. I appreciate that really. I often peep into your website and you do good things always:)

Rainbow Painter said...

Thats so sweet of u. Much appreciated.

Bela said...

yan ang isa sa reason bakit gusto ko mag baby pa, miss ko shopping for my baby...hehehe

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ya me too I appreciate that really.

Mr. Music said...

To shop for the babies is really a hard thing I think.

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