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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quick Loans

In relation to my post below, I know how important it is to have a back up plan when it comes to finance issues. Even if you think you have more than enough to last a month, you never know when you will need extra cash. Let's say you were hospitalized and spent your whole month's salary on hospital bills. You may have about two weeks left from payday but there are bills that need to be paid as soon as possible. Not mentioning putting food on your table. Here's where payday loans enter the picture. Whether you're short of cash, need to augment your monthly salary or simply want to purchase something that's not part of the budget; there's no quickest way to get money than getting payday loans. The advantage here is that you get to pay your bills on time so you will not incur any penalty and charges. You will not believe how much we're paying for credit card interests just because we didn't pay on time.


Bouncer said...

payday loans are actually a great option but one needs to have a min salary of 2k if he wants payday loans

I guess that limit should be brought down

Mister Gibson said...

I dont really agree with loans, i had some loans a few years ago and they got right out of hand, i couldn't afford to pay them and the interest spiraled out of control, never again. i had to get a friend to bail me out, im still slowly paying it back, even now..

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