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Monday, July 07, 2008

Nokia N810

I like!

I admit I'm a sucker for smartphones. I just find it liberating that I can check all my emails, browse the internet using wi-fi, read my favorite books, blog and upload photos using a small device. Nokia N810 is definitely on my list of great phones mainly because of the info below.

Share Online
High speed internet in your hand makes sharing great moments, as they happen, much easier. With an integrated QWERTY keyboard, high resolution widescreen display and a browser powered by Mozilla, you can blog on the spot, or upload images to let your on-line networks know what youve been up to.

Being an Internet addict, I'd grab any opportunity that will let me connect to the Internet even without my laptop. I've proven so many times how useful it is especially when you get stuck inside a hotel room or restaurant with absolutely nothing to do.