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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HD Radio Stations

I heard about Florida High Definition Radio stations from my client. I find it a really great service and wish we can have something here. I know my husband would love to have one! Just imagine being able to listen to our favorite rock stations without drop offs or interruptions.

This HD Digital radio is the latest advancement in radio broadcasting, enabling both AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally. The best thing about this service is you'll get to hear your favorite stations in a CD quality sound and ... it's free! That's right. Listen to new country music stations, latest alternative bands, new programs you haven't listened to before in a crystal-clear reception without any audio distortion. There are no subscription fees or monthly bills, just free music and programming to keep you entertained whether you're at home, at the office or traveling.

To be able to receive digital radio, you'll need to install an HD Radio receiver for your home or car. There are tons of HR receivers being sold online and I saw that the cheapest is at $99 to $149.99. And if you want to create full stereo experience, then the Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 can give you just that. Using four specially designed full range speakers, this table-top system will beam the sound straight towards the listener, letting you enjoy high fidelity stereo wherever you are in the room. Definitely the perfect package for music lovers like us.


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Bouncer said...

you said you wish you can have something here???

what do you mean

you want a radio station here???

The moaning blogger said...

We don't get hd digital radio in the uk, its a shame because i'd love to have it in the car. Cheers Mick..

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