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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life and Beyond

Ever since we got married, Sherwin made sure that we buy an insurance package. I wasn't too thrilled paying for something I don't think I'll benefit from but agreed to get one anyway. Good thing we got one because I found out three months after that we're pregnant. Everything changed since then. It seems that my main goal in life was to make sure that our daughter will live comfortably just in case we pass away. I also learned the reason behind my husband's insistence that we get life insurance. My father-in-law died when he was only 12 years old and saw how my mother-in-law struggled with their assets. I wasn't sure if she had help with probate planning, I just know that it took her years before she finally settled everything. Now, I'm the one who bugs my husband to make our own will. Some people, especially our single friends find it too morbid to talk about these things but when you're a parent, you just can never be too sure.


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