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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Computer overload

Here's an example of how messy my workstation have become. I have a Pentium IV desktop for my graphic and web designs, a Core 2 Duo laptop for daily computing and occasional digiscrap layouts and a back up Dell laptop for old projects. Add to that mess are my books, router, dsl modem, mouse, headphones, pens, card readers, two cellphones and chargers. I need to get rid some of these items soon. The back up laptop is a bit slow these days so I probably should put that away for the time being. It needs a memory upgrade and the price for a 1GB Dell Memory is about $100-$130. Not bad but definitely not a priority. What I really need is a slim USB HD with a 300GB capacity. Sigh, I wish I have extra cash lying around.

I wonder how much I can get by selling our junk?