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Thursday, July 12, 2007

On Cleanliness

Hubby is very strict when it comes to cleaning our house. His mom is the same so I sure am lucky that he inherited his mom's penchant for cleanliness. There was this one time when my friends and I, together with our husbands went on a trip and booked several hotel rooms. We have been staying at the hotel for two days when they decided to go to our room. They laughed at us when they saw our hotel room's bathroom. It was so squeaky clean and looks as if the room hasn't been occupied yet. I went to theirs and wasn't surprised to see that their rooms were in total disarray. Board shorts and under unmentionables were scattered in the bathroom vanities. The towels and floors were wet and the soap dish is dripping with melted soap. To think we have room service at that time. Anyway, just like what I said, Sherwin and I are so meant for each other. We're both neat freaks though I tease him that he's already bordering on OC disorder.