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Monday, June 16, 2008

Everyone's Talking About It

Are you ready for SocialSpark? IZEA recently launched their new social networking tool and encouraging every advertiser and blogger to join them. Social Spark is so much different from other online advertising medium in so many ways:

1. Search engine friendly. All outgoing links are no-follow so you don't have to worry about violating any search engine rules.

2. 100% Transparency. Each post requires that you add a small code which will serve as a disclosure badge

3. Bloggers and advertisers have the means to interact with each other directly

4. Extensive reports and blog analytics

5. Option to display ads or sponsored ads.

Aside from the items mentioned above, I just love how cool the website looks. There are featured blogs, hot blogs, featured opportunity, list of latest bloggers who grabbed opps, recent comments on specific opps and many more. I absolutely love everything about this site, from the navigation to interface to interactivity. It reminds me so much of Apple website which I really like. Finding a blogger is easy too, just mouse over any thumbnail on the Blogs’ section and see the realrank of that blog. Each blog has their own profile page where you can read a brief description about the blog, demographics, categories, latest blog post and other stats like number of opps taken, posts per day, views, blog rolls and sponsorships.

Try it now! Not only you'll have a chance to make money on the side but you might meet new friends as well.

*This post is sponsored.


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