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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our tagaytay trip

Just sharing some photos from our Tagaytay trip. It rained so hard (what's new) so we spent most of our time inside the hotel. Good thing the hotel where we were staying has enough amenities to keep the little princess and The Husband happy. When we're not inside the room (the room was huge btw!), you'd see Sandy in the playhouse while on the other room, The Husband can be seen playing billiards. Sandy met another friend too. That's what I like about kids. They don't need any reason to befriend someone.


Cel said...

Wow... I have been to Tagaytay and it is such a great place to stay ;0 Cool and great place.

Abaculus said...

Too bad it rained on your trip. Its always nice when the hotels offer something to keep kids entertained. I agree that kids don't need a reason to befriend someone. Too bad it didn't work that way for adults. It would probably make like easier.

VRBO said...

sounds like things went alright for your trip even though it rained. At least it looked like your children had fun, and made some new friends. Adults should take tips from their children some time.