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Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Safe Home

When I was single, I never really worried about my safety that much. But now that I'm a mother, security is always on top of my list especially for our home. I've been reading online about several types of home security systems that we can install in our house. There are indoor and outdoor security systems (which we already have) that gives off alarms when someone opens a door or window. There's also the close-circuit television (CCTV) and wireless video surveillance (VSS) so you can see what's happening around you straight from your TV. These things will cost you from $195 to $1000++ depending on your security needs. Regardless, I highly suggest you install a home security system not only to protect your valuables but also so keep your family safe.


dpayne said...

I completely agree, it is crucial to invest in home security to provide your family peace of mind and the type of protection they truly deserve. The one thing that I would recommend when investing in a home security system is that your system comes fully guaranteed. I think it's important that your provider offers a performance warranty, a full equipment warranty, an emergency service guarantee, a satisfaction guarantee and a false alarm fine guarantee. Also, with the movement towards verification in order to get police departments to respond to alarms, it is important that your home security system makes it easy to verify a break-in.

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