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Friday, June 13, 2008

First and Last

Your First And Last.

Snagged from Aggie

* First real job: Technical Support Engineer
* First screen name: TheCrush
* First funeral: My grandmother
* First pet: Esprit - a white furry dog.
* First piercing: Ears.
* First tattoo: None.
* First credit card: Visa.
* First kiss: I have lots of stolen kisses from my elementary classmates. My first kiss however was from my first "real" boyfriend when I was 13. It was a quick peck on the cheek but it felt like heaven back then hahaha
* First enemy: I consider myself the friendliest girl in school so I can't remember making any enemies. Even when I was working, everyone loved me as much as I loved them ;)

* Last car ride: Yesterday when we bought groceries and I had my haircut
* Last kiss: The little girl.


acne treatment said...

you have a great memory huh.. i admire you,, on documenting it..