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Monday, June 09, 2008

School Girl

Sandy started school last week. Here are some of her photos just before she left.

I just love how cute her legs look with her white socks and shiny black maryjanes. She's really a baby no more. She chose her own bag, preferred Princess over Barbie. Her pencil case, pencils, erasers were all from Barbie though. She wanted a rain coat with a matching umbrella but the ones that we saw were too big for her. Her papa insisted on a pooh umbrella instead because it's so much smaller. When Sandy saw it, she sort of had a mini tantrum because she'd rather have the one with Little Mermaid on it. Definitely a diva in the making moment. We didn't give in, by the way. The great thing about her growing up is she knows who the boss is. Still, it won't stop her from trying just in case we let her have her way. ;) (got that trait from me LOL


alpha said...

ang mga bata talaga, hanggat makakalusot (parang ako hehe)

Kristian Liebrand said...

That is really sweet and she looks so cute in the uniform. I remember my first day at school and for the surprise I never cried.

Chiz said...

Hi Joy,

I am sure Sandy is excited during her first day of school. Syempre, bata eh ;0