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Friday, September 12, 2008

Escape to the Islands

Just because I'm a parent now doesn't mean I'm never going on adult vacations anymore. Because believe me, I am planning to try those all-inclusive hedonistic delights at Check out what's included in the Tantra-Lizing Kit for Two package - an aphrodisiac fruit platter and champagne, array of scented massage oils, delicious chocolate covered body paints, whipped cream and syrup. Feel free to let your imagination go wild. Of course, we'd probably be able to do this if Sandy is older or when we're trying for baby #2. LOL.

SuperClubs, by the way, is known for providing all inclusive resorts since 1976. The all-inclusive concept was first unveiled at Negril, Jamaica by John Issa. Vacationers go on a trip to leave all the stress behind so a hassle-free, all-inclusive travel packages are always a favorite. The SuperClubs resorts are not only designed for singles and couples but also families with children under 16. Aside from hanging out at the white sandy beaches, you can enjoy sunfish sailing, windsurfing, aerobic classes and many more.


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