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Friday, September 05, 2008

Remembering Bohol

As I was browsing the net for Boracay hotels, I accidentally clicked on a link for Bohol Beach Club. I couldn't help but remember the time we spent there last year. It rained most of the time and the beach wasn't really that nice. Sandy got bored too because we were stuck inside the room a lot. Instead of getting lots of rest, the vacation was stressful. Thank God we still have lots of nice photos from the countryside trip and the few hours when the sun shone upon us.

(How I miss my long hair)

I hope this next beach trip will be different though. Sandy is older so I'm hoping to have more rest this time. Plus I bought every travel activity that I can think of to keep her occupied and happy the entire four days.


Mommie Van said...

wow, ganda! i miss my long hair too! ahahahaha

abie said...

wow 4 days kayo bora...inggit ako...sinabi k na kay hubby ang masamang balak ko na mag cebu...hehehe...mukhang di nga kaya ng budget so next week na kami mag beach...

enjoy kayo ans pictures ha

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