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Monday, September 22, 2008

The New Rich

Rags to riches - it seems that the particular phrase coined to describe people who worked hard to get rich, or people who were poor before and just became rich has a new term - Noveau Riche. This is the opposite of what we call those who have wealth in their bloodlines ever since - the "Old Rich." The Noveau Riche, literally meaning "New Rich" in French, has been creating a lot of buzz lately with the spotlight on a few outstanding people from their group.

People like Forrest Mars and Estee Lauder are part of the Noveau Riche. The people from this class category are not only people who really rose from rags to riches because of hard work. They have fresh, out-of-the-box, innovative and trendsetting ideas that people cant help notice the "Old Rich" do not have. They tend to stick to tried and proven methods.

So we better thank Forrest Mars for M&Ms chocolates (and Mars too) and Estee Lauder for the stuff that makes up pretty! Most of these people still choose to live simple inspite of their newfound wealth. An example of whom is Tsai Wan Lin, who founded Cathay Life Insurance. He was born to a poor rice farmer and up to now has an apartment as his home. Of course, the most famous of them all is William Gates III or Bill Gates to the world, the billionaire who founded what would the most used software in IT Technology - Microsoft.


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