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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Online Stalking

I came across something interesting from this chic lit book last week. When the main character got dumped by her fiancé, she got addicted to Googling anything about him. The results ranged from the guy running a marathon, accepting a new job, getting listed for wedding registry and baby registry. I wondered if this is true so I made a search on some of my closest friends. Although I have a few listings for my self, I am an online junkie after all, I didn't find anything interesting for my friends. I did come across the US Marriage Records website though. This site lets you get Public Marriage Records on anyone that you know from the United States. Simply enter the first name and last name and voila! you'd get instant access to official marriage documents. You can also search by City, Country or Zip Code to narrow down the results. I've tried searching for an old boyfriend and received about 120 listings immediately.