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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dreamy Baths

Aside from the bedroom, bathrooms are always on my top priority when it comes to cleanliness and design. My dream bathroom will have a nice and big hot tub, plush carpeting, designer Taps, functional cabinets, full length mirrors and other furniture that will make your bathing experience a bliss. This dream of mine started when I saw the beautiful bathroom on this five star hotel where The Husband and I stayed. The hot tub was so relaxing that I never wanted to get out of the bathroom anymore. Which is why I always check the bathroom whenever we check in at a place whether it's a hotel or a bed and breakfast.

Back to that hotel, I noticed that some of the furniture are just like the ones that are being sold at I've been visiting this site lately and just love their bathroom collection. The Orbit mirror by Rodney Kinsman looks elegant and the Hudson Reed taps are just exactly what I'm looking for. They also have a nice collection of hot tubs and Amber showers plus a separate section for kitchen accessories.