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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tricky Treaty

Okay, trick or trick time. We spent 6 hours roaming around the mall and just when I thought I'm gonna die if I make another step, Zara just opened their store for trick or treating. They only give goodies to those who have passports/tickets so it's a good thing we bought one even if the magic show sucked big time. Sandy didn't even look at the show and would rather stay outside the tent, in the grassy area, playing with the other kids who also think the show sucks. She met Stephanie from Lazy Town, Barbie, Superman, Rambo, Pikachu and more. The Husband had so much fun taking photos because of all the super heroes and scary characters walking around. Here's a preview, btw.


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Trick or treat for snow white!

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Tricky Treaty. Time again for Portrait of Words. I found this edition to be a real doozy;