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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trick or Treat anyone?

Gosh, all the cool places are booked. Should've planned this more carefully and now all that's left for us is to join the kids in Glorietta or Powerplant. We're having a mini trick or treat here in our village but I also want Sandy to experience Halloween full blast. I've been hearing great reviews on Shangrila's trick or treats or Ayala Alabang's decorations. Maybe I can persuade the husband to go there? I'll just tell him that it will be a nice opportunity for a photo shoot tee-hee. Halloween is so much fun when you have a kid. I remember two my friends dressing up as salt shakers complete with caps with holes in them. It's fun to dress up and I hope the little girl will keep her costume on, whatever it is, long enough to have her photos taken.