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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reaching The Dream

We all want to have a place we can call our own. You'd think it's easy given how many mortgage companies are available out there. You still need to come up with at least 10-20% down payment before a mortgage lender can provide you a reasonable mortgage term. That 10% can be huge especially for middle class families like us. Yet the prospect of renting for a number of years can be equally expensive and of course, it will never be ours. Which is why I want to tell you about First Time Buyer Mortgage. The mortgage industry understands that they need to respond to the needs and requirements of its customers. The usual 10% deposit has been reduced and many lenders are now currently asking for down payments as little as 3-5% or no deposit at all. The package also now includes parents of the buyers or friends so they can buy jointly or collectively. Different companies are now offering various packages, which makes it even more important to do your research before entering into a contractual agreement. If you want to learn more, check out They can help you on your search for that perfect mortgage package simply by filling up a form in their website. They also have a huge collection of articles and guides to assist any future homeowners in making the right choice regarding mortgages.