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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Me? Annoying?

Okay, so I've always known I could be annoying. This tag opened my eyes to the extent though LOL so beware!

1. I'm a control freak. I need to see things done my way. When I ask people to do something, I hover over their backs to make sure they're doing it the right MY way.

2. I love to sell "old" items regardless if you're still using them or not. I have this need to upgrade stuff from phone, laptop, camera, baby stuff, toys, etc. The Husband finds this annoying because he loves to hoard junk.

3. I am loud, talkative, tactless, a gossip, etc. When people tell me, "don't ask", I won't stop until I know what they're not telling/hiding. I laugh and talk so loud especially if I'm discussing the latest gossip. The Husband finds this really scandalous and I'll have to agree especially if I hear people talk so loud in public places. Which is why I'm trying my best to act like a lady when I'm with Sherwin LOL. It's hard not to get excited when you're chatting with your girlfriends, though.

4. I'm very WAIS like Lumen. (Food, money, work, etc) I note all our expenses up to the last centavo and I buy anything that can claim that they are "cheap but as good as the branded ones".

5. I get really cold and quiet when I'm angry that nothing gets resolved. Or I smile and pretend that nothing's wrong just to fuel the anger of the other party, making them look like a fool.

6. I whine all the time to The Husband. Not having enough sleep, back pains, Sandy being so hardheaded, too much work, etc. What's more annoying is I tend to space out when he's the one doing the whining.