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Monday, October 29, 2007

Everything you Need for your Home

We just saw an amazing deal for a 31" flat screen TV in the mall the other day. We're still deciding if we'll get one because if we do, we have to get one a wide screen TV entertainment center as well. What we have is just enough for our 25" TV set so what more for the 31"? Plus, the entertainment centers at the Furniture From Home website just looks so nice I can already imagine it in our living room. I've always wanted one of those that can totally hide your TV when not in use so all you can see from the outside is an elegant looking cabinet. Well, they have those at and more. If you haven't visited that site, do so now. They just have the most fabulous collection of furniture - from storage beds to bar stools, dining room furniture to home office, and bedroom for the family, kids and even bachelors. Each section have so many choices that it's so hard to choose. Check out the Elegant Dark Brown Woven Glass Table Top Dining Room Set below. This is the exact dining set that I saw on TV last month and been scouting the malls for something similar. I know it's a bit expensive for us but I think it's time to invest. The last dining set that we bought has now two broken legs after being used for just two years.


Jen said...

oh wow, love that dining set. the whole picture, in fact hahaha! said...

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