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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Husband

My husband is a very romantic man. He doesn't read a love poem or surprise me with flowers. He's also not like those people who will go as far as booking an expensive trip or going down on one knee in a public place to propose. What he does are actually small things yet they just seem to worth millions. He wrote me two songs - one about giving up, because we can't be together and another one about hope, now that we're together. I also seem to find short love notes everywhere I look - on my desk, bag, wallet, book and even on my own pocket. He used to text message me on how much he misses me even when we're just a foot away at work. He doesn't buy me expensive things but goes home with my favorite doughnut, pastry or sandwich. And the most romantic thing he ever did? He proposed to me under the fire exit! How unique is that? He didn't think about it, he said he just felt at that exact moment that he had to know, regardless of where we are or what we're doing. And every chance he gets, he thanks me for coming into his life. That's my man and I could never ask for more.


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