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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Furniture Shopping

While we were shopping for baby furniture yesterday, I saw that convertible furniture are very popular these days. Maybe it's because not everyone can afford to have big space especially in the nursery room. The convertible sofa beds looked great that I contemplated having one for our bedroom. I've already mentioned plenty of times how we need to upgrade our bedroom furniture but unfortunately, we haven't found the time, and the budget to do it just yet.

My friend recently bought tons of discount furniture from a furniture warehouse and I can't help but feel envious. The furniture looked amazing and I didn't believe that she got it for a lower price until she showed me her online receipts. I saw the same pieces being sold at $2000-$5000 more from another shop actually. Well, I'd still be better off buying our stuff from SM Home. :) At $2000, you can buy an entire bedroom furniture already LOL.