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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Very Busy Week

It has been four days since The Husband got back from the hospital. I should've been back in the groove of working and blogging but unfortunately, I'm now down with colds and cough. Sandy has cough due to her colds too but I'm really thankful that it wasn't her who got the dengue fever. My bosses and clients are very sympathetic too that they are giving me enough free days to take care of The Husband. My boss even sent me a long email on how he researched about dengue fever. For sure he got the worst case scenario so he's giving me all the time I need. Anyway, I hope I'll feel better enough to start designing and coding again. Although my clients are very understanding, there's something about unfinished tasks that stresses me out even if I was given time not to work on it. Right now, blogging is the only thing that I can do because I'd never get tired talking about myself LOL. I haven't been taking pictures lately but hopefully, I can start again this week.


Bouncer said...

why did you emphasize The Husband ;)

You should be thankful that you aren't hit with serious issues that might have prevented you from taking care of your hubby

Cat Condo said...

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