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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

To Fiji!

My friend and I love to talk about the places we will visit when we get money. One of the destinations that we have in mind is Fiji. We're both beach lovers and we made a pact that we will check out all the best beaches in the whole world before we get too old to travel. Of course, this includes staying on 5 Star Hotels in Fiji, which is why we can only do this when we have a lot of money saved.

We'd probably head straight to Denarau Island as I've been reading a lot of great reviews about it. According to this travel guide online, there are plenty of resorts on Denarau Island but the best so far is Sheraton Fiji. It is one of the first resorts hotels to open in that island and it received a 2008 multi-million dollar upgrade. I'm the type of guest who values amenities and this hotel is filled with that - sports, spa, golf, sand, business, 17 restaurants and bars. But even without those things, the rooms that have private balconies offering views of the blue ocean is enough reason for me to book there.

The current rate for an ocean front room at is at $268 a night. Just in case you're curious. ;)


Hostmonster said...

i love fiji as as well....i want go there for my honeymoon.....

Vicktr said...

Fiji is a great place and
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Stephen said...

I stayed at Koro Sun Resort when I went to Fiji and I definitely recommend you check it out. It made my vacation but Im sure no matter where you stay you'll have a great time!

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